My Positions (Thanks, Sabio)

A handy-dandy chart (courtesy of Sabio at Triangulations) of my atheist positions:

Atheist about most gods, agnostic about a rare few
Past Sect History None – god wasn’t even a consideration in my home
Past Belief History Life Long Non-believer (Natural)
Past Orthopraxy History Not much, some meditation now and again
Level of Certainty: Moderate (see “Self-Label(s))
Openness: Open, but cautious – I find it irrelevant in most contexts, but I neither want to cause offence nor become a target for conversion
Degree of Outreach: Affirm my atheism, but willing to go more in-depth with those who want to know (not exactly ‘debates’ though)
Present Religious Participation: If meditation in my home counts, fairly frequently – but hardly ever in a group context (>1/yr.)
Stance toward Categorically Rejecting Religion: Friendly.  I think religions are good or bad based on their particularities, but nothing is bad about the phenomenon, per se. It is what it is.
Degree of Enchantment Over-awed, both by the beautiful and the terrible.
Mystical Perceptions: Partially Mystical
Theory of Religion: succinctly, I think religions arise as a side effect of other features of human psychology – there is no god gene.
Non-theistic Leanings I think the universe is much more mysterious than we give it credit, usually.  I have days where I lean panendeist, but I have no strong commitment to the idea.  I’m still trying to sort this out myself.
Secular Superstitious or Irrational Habits I play scratch-and-wins.  Sometimes I win $2!  Other than that, only when I’m flying.
View of Reason Reason is really important, it’s the best we can do.  Unlike many, however, I have a pretty dim view of how reasonable we really are.  I’m a reluctant Humean on this point.
Faith Items Mmm, that consciousness might extend much further and deeper in the world than we imagine.  That there is no real indeterminacy in the universe.

And another of my philosophical positions:

School of Philosophy: Analytic
Ontology: Naturalist (although I have problems with the term).
Science: Scientific realism (tentative)
Theory of Time: B-Theory
Theology: Atheist (mostly) and agnostic regarding a handful of other positions, but friendly towards an idiosyncratic panendeism.
Politics: Libertarianism, leavened with the faintest whiff of egalitarianism
Language: Russellianism by default, don’t know enough about Frege to intelligently commit.
Mind: Physicalist with the potential exception of consciousness itself.
Mental Content: Externalism
Abstract Objects: Nominalism
Knowledge: Empiricism / Rationalism (Both – I don’t think either can be separated from the other)
Personal Identity: Psychological-Causal History
Free Will: Agnostic on the compatibilism/incompatibilism divide.  I think much more important that whether we strictly have free will is whether moral responsibility can be salvaged.  Although I feel like compatibilist schemes rescue MR better.
Normative Ethics: Virtue Ethics with a good splash of deontology (for tough cases)
Meta-Ethics: I think it’s safe to say I’m a non-cognitivist of a sort.  Again, I haven’t worked out in too much detail my schema of meta-ethics (for lack of time and being to fixated on day-to-day ethics).

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8 Responses to My Positions (Thanks, Sabio)

  1. M. James says:

    No immortal soul?

  2. James says:

    No, I don’t think so. Or it would surprise me if there was, let’s just say that.

  3. M. James says:

    Interesting. It’s always been my view that taking away the immortal soul opens quite a can of moral worms. If death is really all she wrote, I don’t see why any rational person would choose to be moral. I, for one, would live like a rockstar.

  4. James says:

    Yeah, that’s a common worry (although usually its articulated as “if no god, why be moral”). Actually, this is an interesting topic and it has given me motivation to write a post about, so I will do that if you can be patient! 🙂

  5. M. James says:

    Indeed! I’ll do my best.

  6. Sabio Lantz says:

    Very nice !

    (1) You ought to put a link in so others can find it and do the same.

    (2) Now put a link in your side bar to this post “What I believe”

  7. James says:

    I agree with you completely and those will be up very soon! Credit where it’s due, my man!

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