Blog Direction Question & BDSM and Politics

First, I have to apologize for having gone AWOL for the past while.  I was both busy with work and tied up in the evenings such that writing slipped down the list of priorities.  Also, my mind has mostly been a vacant expanse of uninterestingness and unoriginality.  I only post thoughts that, while not necessarily being the first instance of their having-been-thought in the history of the whole universe, nevertheless are made chez moi.  I haven’t had (m)any of those lately and those I have I can’t decide whether to post or not – they are mostly of a political nature and I more-or-less want to avoid politics on this blog.  Should I set up a different site for those, expand this blog’s mandate, or just let them be?

But here’s a cute one that occurred to me the other day.  I was thinking about the nature of sexual fetishes and BDSM came up (natch).  Anyway, it occurred to me that there are people in this world who actually prefer to be subordinate to others.  Similarly, there are those that prefer to be dominant.  We have all met people of both types.  So the question is: where does this leave egalitarianism?  Presumably, those who would like to follow want to be led (and so shall be led) but egalitarianism requires that people become self-led.  Isn’t this sort of harmful to would-be sheep (also, would-be shepherds)?  Doesn’t taking their interests into account sort of necessitate creating structures of dominance?


Questions for Other WordPress Users

I have two:

  1. I had a number of people visit my blog yesterday and ‘like’ and ‘follow’ it, but they did not show up on my stats.  How is this possible?
  2. Sometimes the little notification thinger in the bar at the top of the web-browser (the one sitting between “New Post” and the user’s drop-down menu and which turns orange when someone has commented) instead of reading “0” like usual, shows a little speech box like in comic books.  Other times, it just reads “0”.  What is up with this?

The Sad Reality of Blogging…

If you want to get more hits, it’s actually very simple, just:

  • make sure you use good keywords.  Keywords are king.  Best to use any variation of ‘sexy’ and ‘woman’.  If search terms offend you, however, it is best to avoid this strategy.  (It is interesting sociology, though, to see where the most vile google searches originate.)
  • go on atheist websites, suggest that they are not as smart as they imagine themselves to be
  • go on atheist websites, suggest they may need to back off the religious people a bit
  • go on theist websites, suggest Jesus is gay
  • go on Buddhist websites, suggest the Dalai Lama/Thich Nhat Hahn* thinks dirty thoughts
  • go on liberal political sites, suggest they are effete snobs
  • go on consevative political sites, suggest they are ignorant boobs
  • go on vegetarian/vegan websites, suggest animals are automata
  • post nudie pics
  • more nudie pics
  • nudie pics

Basically, if you want a popular blog, dumb-down, enrage, and promote filth!  Ahhhh… humans.

*How the hell is that name pronounced?