Been a while…

So, I’ve been absent from blogging for, oh, about a month now. The reason is simply that I’ve had nothing at all to say.  Or, to be more correct, I’ve had nothing to say that wasn’t stupid sounding, even to myself.  Also, work is picking up for me (and might be even more, should I happen to be chosen for a better position I’ve put in for) and I’ve also been getting out of the house at night more frequently.  Turns out that when you’re a shut-in you’ve got more time for things like: writing.  Also, I made the terrible mistake of reading some completely immature and hilarious fiction.  John Dies at the End (he doesn’t – he dies at the beginning!) and its sequel, This Book is Full of  Spiders: Seriously dude, don’t touch it.  A pair of comedy/horror novels about what would  happen if two complete slacker-idiots had to save the world.

So yes, that’s what happened.  Turns out that sometimes we haven’t the time for everything that we want to fit in.  Oh well, at least I’m still getting a bunch of daily page hits because people are looking for “enso pictures” on the internet.  Somehow the pic on my blog wound up third-place on Google image searches for ‘enso’.  Funny world we live in.

Hopefully I’ll be having some more content up soon, but then again, I might remain mostly stupid for the forseeable future.  It’s hard to say.