Now THIS Was A Politically Motivated Shooting


In Lieu of Actual Content…

I have been much preoccupied over the last few days, so please accept my apologies.  I should have something to put up here soon enough, but at present I haven’t (work has taken over my life the last two days).  So instead, it’s time for some more filler!

Yanni – “Santorini”

Murray Head – “One Night in Bangkok”

Evidently, I’m in a somewhat cinematic mood.  Also, if you’ve been wondering how in the world it is that Canada is not broke, even with its lavish welfare state, I present to you our super-advanced weather system.  Doppler radar is for spendthrifts and chumps:

The “weather rock” is hanging from a yellow rope on the right side of the frame…

In Lieu of Actual Content…

I was at their show last night (they got us on the guest list, which was great) so I feel like I should plug their video.  If you like it or know someone who does, pass it along:

Evy Jane – “Say So”


This is chilling.  It must always be remembered that we are each every bit as prone to this as anyone else.

Hilarity Ensues in Wake of Op-Ed Piece on Haidt’s Book

In today’s Globe and Mail, Margaret Wente has penned a column about Jon Haidt’s The Righteous Mind.  In it she more or less sums up his book and its main message, but the real joy is the comments section!  Lots and lots of doublethink going on there: e.g. an offended left-leaning individual suggests that we needn’t pay attention to Haidt’s book because he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, even though: 1) he is the one with the PhD and 2) in all other cases we ought to accept what PhD’s tell us about their areas of specialization. I think this also counts as wouldthink, too (even if it does not, a friend pointed me toward this notion and I just love it).

I will comment that she doesn’t do the most splendid job of summarizing his case (I haven’t read the book yet, but I did attend a lecture of his, so I know the 55 minute run-down of the book), but that is probably in part owing to every columnist’s bane: the dreaded word limit.

In Lieu of Actual Content…

It’s Sunday and I’ve got my last paper to finish, so, once again, it’s time for blog-filler!

The Civil Wars – “Barton Hollow”

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Home”

God Help the Girl – “God Help the Girl”




In Lieu of Actual Content…

So, I am heading out of town to the Gulf Islands this weekend and I was hoping to have some content pre-prepared for this weekend, but have failed in that regard.  Therefore, in lieu of actual content, I leave you all with the songs I’ve been grooving to the last couple of days.

Our Lady Peace – “Heavyweight” (don’t worry, atheists, it’s not Christian music)

Mother Mother – “The Stand”

“Rule Britannia”