Things I Have Seen Recently


The sailboat on the campsite beach (the name of which I have forgotten), Slocan Lake, BC


Things I Have Seen Recently


The swimming spot on the river, Slocan Valley, BC

Things I Have Seen Recently


Hopefully no 404 on this one!

Pirate ship in Kootenay Lake, Nelson, BC

Things I Have Seen Recently


Crescent Valley, South Slocan, BC

Things I Have Seen Recently



Things I Have Seen Recently


Juvenile grizzly!

In Lieu of Actual Content…

I have been much preoccupied over the last few days, so please accept my apologies.  I should have something to put up here soon enough, but at present I haven’t (work has taken over my life the last two days).  So instead, it’s time for some more filler!

Yanni – “Santorini”

Murray Head – “One Night in Bangkok”

Evidently, I’m in a somewhat cinematic mood.  Also, if you’ve been wondering how in the world it is that Canada is not broke, even with its lavish welfare state, I present to you our super-advanced weather system.  Doppler radar is for spendthrifts and chumps:

The “weather rock” is hanging from a yellow rope on the right side of the frame…